Lizo Gibson Njenje

Is a former Director General of the National Intelligence Agency. He has amassed a vast body of knowledge and experience during his education and his career as intelligence officer and businessman. His Areas of expertise include National Intelligence, Mining, Politics, Government, Business

Ambassador Moe Shaik

Is the current Group Executive at the Development Bank of Southern Africa and former Head of the South African Secret Service, Ambassador to the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria, South African Consul-General in Hamburg. His areas of expertise include National Intelligence, Diplomacy, International Finance, Policy Development, Management.

Ms Nolwazi Qata

Holds an impressive number of current and former executive and non-executive directorships on the boards of Mvuso Holdings, LWC, MESA, Zanokhanyo Investments, Land and Agricultural Development Bank SA, Petroleum Agency of South Africa, Board of Land Bank Insurance Limited and Board of Kuvula. She is experienced in Mining, Retail, Transport, Transformation Business and Petro-Chemicals.

Jacob Madikiza

Jacob has had an illustrious career in the civilian intelligence services of South Africa where he rose to the rank of Deputy Director General. He was trained at the Universities of the Witwatersrand, Stellenbosch and Harvard
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