Early Warning and Intervention

The business environment is dynamic. Get the heads-up on risks and opportunities coming your way with our Early Warning and Intervention service.

Geographical Power Influence Study

Understand who makes the decisions and who influences the decision makers in a specific geographical area or industry.

Strategic Communication Advice and Support

Make your messages more effective by speaking the other person’s language. We help you develop the tone and identify the topics and key words that will make others more receptive to your message. We also help you identify the best communication medium.

Negotiation and Conflict Management

Negotiation is easier when you understand the other party’s intentions, beliefs, needs, decision-making processes, desires, emotions and behaviour. Shorten negotiations and avoid conflict with these insights.

Economic and Investment Development

We assist governments to become more attractive to foreign investors and utilise investment opportunities.

Influence and Power Mapping

Understand the Political Psychological Landscape and know who holds the power and influence in order to identify the best point of intervention.

Adversary Strength Predictor

Predicting your adversary or competitors’ threat level is easy with the Foresight Advisory Services’ formidability index.

Media Profiling

How your company is being portrayed in the media and on social media channels influences your communication strategy. Find out who is saying what and how big the reach of their message is.

International Relationship Building

Our broad network lets us connect businesses and individuals with the right people. We also assist with forming a clear understanding of who the stakeholder(s) is as a person and how best to engage with him.

Governance Matters

We assist with the negotiations and governance issues that make a country more stable.

Intelligence & Risk


Competitive Intelligence – Competitor Analysis and Competitor Profiling

Make better strategic decisions with ethically gathered and analyzed information about your competitors. The information includes a behavioral profile of your competitor so that you can better understand and predict the competitor’s decisions and actions.

Intelligence Driven Investigation and Support

We assist with investigations by gathering intelligence and providing strategic intervention support. This includes language and behavioral analysis as well as deception detection.

Threat Intelligence

Whose intentions are less than honorable? Find out with Foresight Advisory Services’ Threat Intelligence. We identify current and potential threats and develop the strategies necessary to combat these threats. Threat Intelligence includes compiling Behavioral Profiles of human threats – individuals, groups and syndicates.

Behavioural Risk Intelligence (Internal and External)

Behavioral Risk (internal and external) has been identified as the most significant threat to an organization’s global business operations. We help you to identify and manage current and potential internal and external risk factors, including the human risk factors that often lead to huge financial losses.

Security & IT


Security Awareness Programmes

It is crucial for employees to be sensitive to the fact that they deal with highly confidential or sensitive information. Security awareness makes them alert to the infiltration methodologies used by criminal elements to gain access to such information. We also offer pre- and post assessment studies to determine security awareness levels before and after implementing the awareness programme.

Forensic Media Advocacy

Bad (and good) publicity as well as social media exposure requires a response. We will help you design the response and identify the drivers and influencers to engage.

Mobile Forensics

With the advances in digital technology it is possible for the cell phone to replace computers. Mobile phones are also a first-choice device in the execution of cyber crimes with its mobility being an attractive option for illegal and unauthorised actions.

Mobile forensic solutions can quickly extract data from more than 3000 different mobile phones. Once extracted the data retains its integrity and is admissible as evidence in Court. The available technology makes it possible to extract vital data such as phonebook, photos, videos, text messages, call logs, ESN and IMEI information

Fraud Trend and Database Analysis

Our experienced forensic investigators use a suite of powerful data analysis tools, data matching principles, pattern recognition and data forensics to identify potential anomalies and relationships that may indicate fraudulent behaviour.
We follow a systematic approach to data analysis that begins with properly locating, scoping, acquiring, testing and verifying data. Once the data has been verified and migrated to a stable platform, a variety of analysis tools and techniques are employed to analyse and compare the data.

Computer Forensic Services

We have the technological and investigative expertise to conduct Computer Forensic Investigations using state-of-the-art hardware and software that ensures admissibility in a Court of Law.

Data Recovery

Data deleted from a computer is rarely completely lost, it is possible to recover data that has been lost, destroyed, deleted or corrupted. Perpetrators or disgruntled employees often destroy data in order to hide their transgressions or to render thecompany unable to use its own data. It is not only possible to recover this data, but forgotten or altered passwords can also be recovered.

IT Risk Management

Networks are the centre of today’s organisations and transmit vital and often highly sensitive information while connecting users to essential resources. As networks grow in size and complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect them from threats such as low-level protocol attacks and server or desktop intrusions. We offer clients a complete analysis of the client’s current system, providing a proposal regarding security measures, implementation of security measures as well as security management 

These Services Include

Security management
Security policies and regulations (ISO 17799 and ECT Act compliance)
Contingency planning/ disaster recovery
Physical access control
Information technology security
System and network management
System administration tools
Monitoring and auditing IT security
Vulnerability management
Encryption of sensitive data
Incident management
Counter-espionage measures
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