How we do it


The best strategic plan anticipates both future probabilities and risks and translates these into operational and tactical solutions. 

Whether the goal is profit, building a legacy or protecting a business against its adversaries, Foresight Advisory Services can help. We help by identifying the internal and external environmental influencers, the role players, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and adversaries.


Foresight Advisory Services gathers the intelligence that gives you the foresight that makes it possible to plan for and prevent undesirable outcomes that result from criminal activity and the influence of others.
With Foresight, you can outmaneuver adversaries and competitors, make better decisions, minimize the risk of security breaches, negotiate from a position of strength, and influence and lobby decision makers effectively.
Foresight Advisory Services’ unmatched experience, knowledge of the African continent, technology and expertise gives you the competitive advantage.

Intelligence Gathering and Analysis for effective decision-making.
Psychological and Behavioral Profiling of individuals, groups and organizations to understand, predict and influence their decisions, actions and reactions.
Socio-Psychological Research.
International Relations Support.
Internal and External Risk
Management and Mitigation.
Internal and External Behavioral Risk Management.
Intelligence-Driven Investigations.
Psychological Investigative Support Services.
Strategic Communications and Influencing Support.
Analysis of the Political Landscape and Political Psychological Landscape for guiding strategic objectives.
Improve the outcome of negotiations and reduce conflict.
Support in Lobbying, Public Affairs, Reputation and Perception Management, Public Relations and Media Affairs.
Support Coalition Building and Campaign Management.
Geopolitical Risk Management.
Outmaneuver competitors with
Competitive Intelligence and Competitor Analysis.

Results Oriented



Our blend of expertise, experience, intelligence gathering methods and a brand network of key contacts enable us to offer result orientated deliverables.

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